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Fast pass to Miami Architecture


There is no question that Miami is the art-deco capital of the world.

You like this style of architecture or you hate it, this style is part of the architectural identity of city of Miami, and so, many new buildings are adapting to that style too.

Miami is a relatively new city. It flourished back in the early 20th century when  rich business men from up-north started to visit to escape the long dull winter season, those , including Al Capone, the famous Chicagoan mafia leader, bought properties and encouraged businesses to come to Miami.

The architectural style in Miami is more adventurous let’s say , you will find the art-deco dominating in the city center, and the more further you go out, it starts to be more modern , and of course some buildings have an old Spanish feel to them too due to the presence of a big latin american community out there.





Walking around in town at night is a wonderful experience,   the buildings are all dressed with colorful lights, and what looks cheesy and ordinary in the morning looks glamorous and fancy at night.



The city looks very different at night!

The city looks very different at night!



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