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Why Bikes are Good for Brevard County

Walkable Brevard

By Wigdan Al-Guneid, June 2, 2014

For the first 100 years following its invention in the early 19th century the bicycle was a very popular way for people of all ages to exercise, explore, and commute.  After the introduction of cars in the U.S., however, bikes took a back seat.  Cars gave people a different kind of power and freedom, and quickly turned bikes into an item used strictly for leisure or exercise.



Since that time American cities and lifestyles were changed forever. Suburbs spread out to sprawl endlessly away from their core downtowns. People started spending more and more time behind the wheel, more than ever! This turned out to be a bad idea for human beings as we are social and active creatures by nature. Suburban isolation turned obesity and depression into epidemics in this country as it decreased social interaction with our neighbors and increased car dependence…

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