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Atlantis Theme & Design…

What is that about hotels that we like so much?

Is it just the feeling that we are in a trip or that it is something about the design its self.

Hotels can be categorized into different types, some of them are geared more for business trips and conferences, some are for family entertainment and tourism, and some just simply to sleep-in for one night, and you notice that rooms are smaller and simpler.

However, some hotels are considered as destinations to go to, the Atlantis in the Caribbean is one of them.

This hotel, takes the essence of the Atlantis myth, the continent that sank thousands of Years ago, according to the old Greek methodology.

As you hop in the Atlantis, you sense the dramatic ambiance in the lobbies, entrances, and with the integration of landscape with the biggest aquarium in the world around the whole hotel.

This Themed architecture is blended very well with sophisticated materials, and elements of design, that brings richness to the overall environment and truly makes people’s experience enjoyable.


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