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Innovations in Traditional Masonary Industry


Mud is considered as one of the oldest materials used for construction, it is popular for many reasons; such as it’s low cost, low- maintenance, availability, and does not need highly skilled labors to use it. 30% of the world’s population is using mud for construction. Mud is used intensively in most of the underdeveloped countries, yet there have not been enough innovations on it to reach its full potential. Coming myself from a country that is famous with mud housing towers, Yemen, I recognize how important to improve this material to help underdeveloped countries start producing bigger scale projects and revolve the wheel of development.

This paper explores the innovations done to improve the compressive strength of the mud/clay brick and the potential emergence of a secondary and tertiary industries that rely on recycling wastes coming from Mining and agricultural industries to create building materials. What is available in market, concentrating on types of additives, and their influence on the brick.




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Chicago Urban Migration-Wigdan Al-Guneid,Sakshi Aggarwal

Chicago Urban Migration-Wigdan Al-Guneid,Sakshi Aggarwal.

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