Diversity is the answer

The “brain drain”, an expression you will hear over and over in discussions related to the economy and job market here in the Space Coast, for the ones who didn’t hear it yet , it refers to the tech professionals and engineers who left(and still leaving )right after the NASA shuttle program stopped. While there are many discussions on moving private companies to come to the space coast, however “brain gain” for other professions is still not part of the discussion.

Bringing more companies to the area is definitely a good idea, adding more of the same thing might not. After all, the reason of why Brevard County had been hit so bad is that almost 10000 employee had been laid off from NASA alone.   Diversity is crucial in bringing different professions into play to help the economy of a place and creates several secondary and tertiary industries besides it. This accordingly makes a diverse area with thriving businesses.   Improving the area’s urban fabric is a solution to encourage new and diverse industries to emerge in the Space Coast,and is a great start to make the area more valuable for entrepreneurs and business men.

Transportation and Culture need to be applied as main economical drivers as they could bring many jobs from different professions to the area. Small businesses could essentially rely on them, and most importantly, bringing them to an area full of technology experts will create fertile soil for innovative startups.

The Urban fabric in the Space Coast is very car-driven, except of some pocket areas such as with the art district in Melbourne, old town of Melbourne, and Downtown of Cocoa Beach. You can’t get there without driving quite a distance too. Short distance commute and  accessible transportation is one of the reasons behind growing small businesses as it brings power to low income people and enables them to go far places for jobs. Businesses flourish by becoming more accessible for people from further places as well. Mass transportation doesn’t always have to be remembered as the crowded buses with 20 mints wait under the sun. It could be more than that. Think of Water taxis, and light rail system connecting the space coast together into one big network of transportation.

Moreover, culture is an important aspect of a city’s attractiveness. Its heritage and identity is an essential part of what makes it a special place.  Space Coast can create a niche for itself among other competitive cities, like Dallas for example ( where they also enjoy low taxes, warm weather, and no state tax) with their space exploring heritage, and even embrace climate extremes such as having Hurricane museum, or a hurricane festival?

Inventing events, and festivals on the national level, and make them unique to the area, will successfully promote it for entrepreneurs and young population that finds it appealing to live in a modern area that responds to their aspirations.

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